I especially like the positive travel affirmations

The research also revealed the most comforting words you can say to a mum who has just miscarried her child, with ‘your baby will always be with you in your heart’ and ‘even though it was early it was still your baby’ among the best things you can say. You can try again soon It means there was something wrong with your baby It wasn’t a “proper baby” Everything happens for a reason It wasn’t your time It’s the best thing given the situation You’ll be fine! Get over it In my day we just treated it like a heavy period and got on with it At least you know you can get pregnant What did you do to make it happen? What you can say Your baby will always be with you in your heart Even though it was early it was still your baby It wasn’t your fault It’s st. It will be st for a long time but at some point, it won’t be quite as st I’m here if you want to talk about it I’m sorry for your loss It WAS a baby and it was loved Be kind to yourself It’s OK to cry It’s OK to be angry It’s OK to be sad I love you

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